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Let the Great Drop Begin

So it’s quite easy to accumulate domains over a number of years which you continue to renew without real hope of selling.  So each year we look at our portfolio to see what we really shouldn’t keep because of the following reasons:

  • The domains were purchased with an intention of developing them into a commerce business and we’ll likely never ever get around to it
  • The name is a dictionary dot com however you would struggle to monetize or for anyone to purchase it as a brandable – oops – so we drop some more domains
  • We have a bunch of numerics (in many TLDs) we bought at cheapy cheap and couldn’t sell them and don’t want to pay reg fee to renew them – so we drop some more domains
  • There’s no perfect auction house right now, with fees going up, getting listed is challenging at best and you need to jump a couple of extra hoops to get on the platform – so we drop some more domains
  • We don’t have as much time to work on outbound sales as we thought – so we drop some more domains
  • Domains are parked and have never had a visitor and – so we drop some more domains

It is difficult to drop names you initially thought were a great investment however it is also liberating at the same time as your portfolio increases in quality by letting some of these names expire peacefully and without fuss. Start the new year with a serious business focus on your domain portfolio and you will be better for it – financially and mentally. Domaining can be an addictive spiral if you’re not careful so give yourself the best opportunity to succeed by rebalancing your portfolio.

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