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Making an Offer for a Domain

If you find a domain that suits your investment or business purpose it’s important that you approach the transaction in the right way. If a domain has a buy it now price and it fits your business model then either purchase the domain or make an offer. The risk with making an offer on a buy it now domain is that someone else could of course simply pay the listed price and you will lose out on the domain.

Be prepared to move quickly through the price negotiation and don’t make the mistake of using a web based email which is not your primary address. The risk with using free web based email is that when the domain owner replies to your offer their reply may go into your spam folder and again you can miss out on the domain.

If a domain has a ‘make an offer’ listing and you’re interested in the domain, think carefully before you make your offer. Domain sellers that list domain as an offer negotiation aren’t listing $100 domains so don’t bother with $20 domain offers. If you are seriously interested in a domain submit an offer that matches the domains value and future application.

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