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Check Your Domain Spelling

I’m sure we’ve all registered a domain with a spelling error or a country spelling that we did not want.  It usually happens once and we learn from our mistakes.  Some domains with misspellings have good traffic and may be a reason for the purchase of a typo domain. You can usually see people bidding on misspelled names at auction houses such as Namejet.

For example there are currently 52 people bidding for – the correct spelling is  It’s one letter misplaced and can easily be overlooked. The reason this happens is that the brain is clever and compensates for errors so you can interprete things such as misspelled words.  How can you avoid registering incorrectly domains ?

Here are a few techniques you can use:

  • Copy the words left of the dot into a document editor or Google search who will suggest a corrected keyword
  • Capitalize the letters to see if a word is correct eg (you can see the error more clearly)
  • Copy the words left of the dot into a document editor with a spell checker and change the font size and style to ensure no tricks are being used to represent the domain
  • Be aware of country differences such as between British and United States – colour vs colour, centre vs center etc


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